“ Welcome to another great season of football predicting „

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Looking forward to a new season.

Welcome to a new season of football predicting.

2016/2017 was full of high drama and saw some great cash prizes won by some very good players. I hope this season will bring the same excellent and high standards of football predicting as before.

Win cash prizes

The cash prizes are given to the winners of the Ultimate League, Premier League, Champions League and League 1

Just play for fun

funYou can just play all three competitions for free, but if you win any of them at the end of the season you will not be eligable for any cash prizes.

Play all comps for only £10

You are automatically entered into the weekly prediction game,and the Champions League competitions to win great cash prizes at the end of the season.

Ultimate Football Prediction League 2017-2018 season

This football predictions game sets you against another player in your league. You will challenge each player twice in the season, the same principle as real football.

There are 20 players in each league and the rules are the same as real football.

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a defeat. .

The player at the top of the division he or she is in at the end of the season will win a cash prize as will the runner up as long as they have paid their entrance fee.

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